DynoJet Stage 3 Power Package for Can-Am Maverick X3 2017-2020 TURBO R


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DynoJet Stage 3 Power Package for Can-Am Maverick X3 2017-2020 TURBO R

For those looking for a budget-friendly upgrade to their turbocharged Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV. The Stage 3 kit takes our Stage 2 kit and incorporates a high flow reinforced silicone charge tube with a blow-off valve to handle elevated pressures and temperatures that come with a higher performance tune.

Don’t settle for the stock model’s limitations — break through them with Stage 3. This Power Package can help you gain up to 15 WHP, which you’ll definitely feel, as we’ve cranked the violence factor up to 10.

Stock charge tubes aren’t built to handle the power you need. Reliably tap into more performance with Dynojet’s premium silicone charge tubes for your Can-Am Maverick X3.

You can also customize your ride with Dynojet’s Power Vision 3 fuel tuner, which comes pre-loaded with tested performance tunes. After you’ve tuned your Can-Am, you can leave it mounted as a full-color, high-contrast information panel delivering performance metrics.


  • Increased boost
  • Cooler charge temps
  • Faster acceleration
  • 15 HP gains


The combination of our Power Vision’s performance tunes for a richer air/fuel ratio, our clutch kits that can handle all of that extra boost, and our charge tubes to keep your turbo running at maximum capacity you’ll be in the lead in no time. Want more power? Check out our Stage 4 and Stage 5 packages that give you even more racing capacity.


Our previous power packages were about getting your air/fuel ratio up to speed. Now it’s time to work on the turbo. Our boost tube is an easy to install upgrade that helps reduce turbo charge, cools turbo temperatures overall and is made from durable silicone that will last longer than the plastic stock tubing.


  • PC-based
  • Connects dynamometer runs with fuel tuners
  • Adjusts/creates calibrations and maps

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in

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